Hire 3D Artist

Hire 3D Artist

There are sufficient reasons why an enterprise based out of US and UK should always opt to hire a 3D animator from India. Indian animation industry has witnessed a significant boom because an increasing section of the audience in India has started appreciating the wonders of 3D. A lot of animation institutes like Arena multimedia, Framebox, MAAC have come up in the span of last decade, and have greatly contributed to the industry in India itself. The animation is all about one’s vision and utilization of tools and techniques. There is no dearth of animators who have actually started producing their own work.

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The first Indian 3D film, Roadside Romeo, released in2008 resulted out of the joint venture between Yash Raj Films and the Indian division of Walt Disney. So already, a lot of collaboration is happening between India and other countries. So, the Indian animation industry has already got the taste of foreign projects and assignments. Hence, India is already a preferred outsourcing destination because not only the services are cost effective but the innovation and creativity are at par with the standards of the global animation industry.

The animation is used in films, gaming, architecture, graphic design, and education. So it caters to a wide industry vertical, and as a result, there is a soaring need to hire 3D animators who can understand the vertical and create solutions accordingly. The different services that are being outsourced to India are:

  1. 3D Modeling
  2. 3D Rendering
  3. 3D Floor Plans
  4. Logo Animation
  5. Cartoon Animation
  6. Marketing Presentation
  7. 3D Walkthrough Animation

3D animation is a highly creative and tool oriented field wherein the animators not only have to think out of the box but have to be tool masters who can leverage each and every available tool that is popular in the Global animation market. In India, there is no dearth of animators who know how to bring to the table creations that showcase a perfect blend of innovation and understanding of the potential of 3D animation. 3D animators should have a keen sense of design, drawing, and storytelling.

In addition, an understanding of motion graphics, size, ratios, and perspectives would prove to be extremely important. Animation industry also calls for a certain degree of understanding when it comes to mathematics, physics, operating systems, scripting languages such as MEL scripting for Maya, and digital asset management. So, a whole lot of things converge in the world of 3D animation. As a result, it becomes extremely challenging to hire a 3D animator, who has all the above skills,

Generally, in the creative field, very few individuals are proficient in all the aspects of that particular field. Hence a stringent hiring process needs to be set in place through which individual skill sets can be evaluated and mapped as per the organizational goals at large. If you are searching the best 3d animators for hire, 3d artist for hire, 3d designers for hire, 3d modeler for hire, 3d artist for hire or animation artist for hire, you are on the right place. There is a company “The Cheesy Animation” who providing the best service in this area. They have a team of professional designers and experts who can provide you the guarantee service.

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